The LTT laboratory provides two doctoral courses: that of the old system (Graduation-Magister-Doctorate) and that of the 3rd cycle of the LMD system. These are trainings by research with a view to obtaining the highest university degree: The Doctorate.
The PhD thesis consists of the preparation by the PhD student of an original research work that must be the subject of at least one publication in a recognized scientific journal.
The doctoral training period is also considered as a professional experience in the field of research and innovation, after which the PhD student is supposed to have acquired not only scientific and technical skills in his research theme but also those necessary to manage a project independently.
From now on, the completion of a doctoral dissertation should not only be synonymous with a change of grade in a teacher's career but must become the springboard for new careers, both in and out of the academic sphere . It is therefore imperative that all those involved in doctoral training take into account the issue of employability in the management of the doctoral project and contribute to an ambitious professional integration of PhD students.
The PhD degree allows you to apply for a job:

  • In academics, as teacher-researcher
  • In research centers as a researcher
  • In the field of expertise and study
  • In all sectors where complex processes are implemented and where a Doctor will be able to assert his capacities to propose and produce innovative solutions.