Bachelor of Telecommunications:

Purpose of the training

  • The training provided in this license is of an academic nature. It is organized as semestered teaching units over 3 years of study. Through a hierarchical and coherent teaching, the student is led towards a gradual acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of technological sciences in general and telecommunication sciences in particular.

Moreover, this training also allows the student to develop his autonomy and his field of initiative, to evolve and to adapt to the changes of his profession.

Terms of Access

  • Access to the telecommunication academic license is open to students who have completed the first year of the science and technology program.

Training Opportunity

  • This training aims to bring the student to a level of knowledge and ability to enable him to continue with ease a Master in telecommunications. On the other hand, the practical and professional knowledge acquired during his training will be a stepping stone for him to be immediately integrated into the professional environment.

Graduates will work at equipment manufacturers, operators and companies that use or deploy mobile networks and services.